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When it comes to the dark web, nothing is more important than security on and off the web. Even in the usual legal Internet there are dangers, there are many scammers who want to make money on you. The darknet network is no exception in this regard, not to mention the fact that they sell forbidden goods there, which means that in case of fraud, you won’t even be able to complain to the authorities. Consider the basic recommendations for a safe visit to the site KRAKEN vk03.io

What does KRAKEN recommend for a safe visit to the site?

If we are talking about a safe visit to the KRAKEN, then we can distinguish both online and offline recommendations. For online, it is recommended to install the TOR browser and only from this program go to the KRAKEN. This allows you to make yourself invisible, as your IP address will be changed. In addition, when entering and registering, it is recommended to use complex fictitious passwords, you should not use any personal data in a nickname or login. Login and nickname must be different.As far as offline security recommendations are concerned, where you are at the moment you enter the site will be an important point. Often people make the mistake of logging into the dark web in a public place. This is not acceptable, since any passer-by can see the screen of your smartphone, and then the situation may not develop in the best way for you.